Agri PAC World

Green Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Agri PAC World

Agri PAC World is a Swedish and South African agri-biotech company that develops products to help farmers transition to a more efficient and eco-sustainable agriculture. We focus on two key challenges in modern farming; the overuse of synthetic nitrogen and the decline of soil fertility, and have developed a groundbreaking technology that converts synthetic nitrogen into green nitrogen, a viable solution for the environment.

Agri PAC World Products

Green products restoring soil fertility.

Humegro Green Nitrogen™

The ultimate slow-release fertiliser, based on humic acids containing natural bio-stimulants and up to an unprecedented 27% (m/m) of green nitrogen.

Humegro Fullspec™

A blend of superb humic and fulvic acids with a high concentration of phytohormones, which helps soil and plants use water and nutrients more efficiently.

Humate-Activator Package™

A unique toolkit with which you can convert cheap synthetic urea into an efficient eco-sustainable fertiliser with up to 27% (m/m) green nitrogen.

The key to soil health

One reason behind the global decline in soil fertility is lack of humic substances, the key to soil health. Unfortunately agricultural practices have depleted farmland of these. But Agri PAC World’s fertiliser products are based on these, which helps restore the soil.

Green Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture